drives me nuts. Under warranty. As an Aerspace Engineer myself this is an unacceptable answer", "The seat cooling is very poor. I have only had this happen once but noticed online that numerous other people have had a similar problem. (385 hp). ", "My legs and feet are cold and my trunk above my waist is cold. CG Says: The 2016 Ford F-150 offers a new Pro Trailer Assist option that greatly simplifies backing up a trailer. Memory buttons were unresponsive. ", "the navigation system often goes blank and shows nothing on the screen. The warranty does not address coverage after one (1) year. Review Score. Not well made", "The paint does no adhere well to the aluminum body panels and is scratched easily. Read consumer reviews from real 2016 Ford F150 Regular Cab buyers. Ford Sync tech support personnel have no clue how to fix it despite it being a major issue discussed on the F150 Forum. I took the truck to our Ford dealer and they said it needed an up date so they updated it. ", "GPS QUITS INTERMITTENLY. I've had to stop the car, turn off the engine, wait several minutes, and then try again. There was a bunch of tape too. Sometimes when you shut the vehicle off for 10 minutes it will work other times it takes longer. Took 1 month to get engine replaced. ", "Warped brake rotators @ less than 30k miles- seems to be common occurrence with F 150’s according to discussions I’ve had with other owners (via online forum), and dealership", "Both Front Rotors warped and needed to be turned to eliminate pulsating braking. I know that eventually this will lead to rust problems. (365 hp), 3.5-liter $16,921 - $45,901 MSRP Range. Concerned that it was likely manufacturer's defect", "It seems that Ford is using wiring insulation that contains materials that rodents and other wildlife like to chew on. V6 ", "I have owned this vehicle for almost two years, but Sync 3 still at times has difficulty recognizing contacts that i call frequently. ", "It’s like it doesn’t connect to the power source. Replaced the shrader values twice, A/C compessor once.". I live in an area where it rains near daily in the summer. Had to replace them twice. Completely and satisfactorily resolved under vehicle warranty by dealer", "Rear Diff was out of specs within 1 of the four locations. Problem could not be solved by original dealer. Ford trucks are great but the SYNC 3 system is so poorly designed if they don't change it significantly I won't buy another Ford again. They also said they negotiated with Ford corporate to give me this discounted rate and that I was very lucky. Consumer Reviews. number (VIN), and the warranty will be valid regardless of ownership. We received notice of a recall for a door safety issue and took it to the local dealer, Valley Isle Ford. The dealership removed a brake cylinder from a new truck. ", "Doors are not aligned correctly.Wind noise . If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care Very Unimpressed with Ford's Quality of production. Results in rattles and squeaks even on smooth roads", "Wind noise is increasing all the time, even after following dealer instructions and wiping all rubber with silicone-moistened cloth. With the launch of the redesigned F-150, Ford broke all of the rules for pickup trucks. New cables were installed and everything works well now", "The front door and the back door rubbed", "Windshield cracked and had to be replaced after the defroster automatically turned on when the truck was remote started in weather that was about 38 degrees F. What's worse is that Ford only warranties the windshield from defects (such as this) up to 12,000 miles. Or, if I could get the door open, the door would not latch closed. Scratches easily and dents easily. The 2016 Ford F-150 received the highest five-star rating from the NHTSA in all three body styles. - All was replaced - no problems since", "does not always go into reverse when shifted to reverse", "Hard shifting makes a clicking noise and after full stop transmission shutters feels like someone bumped you", "Rough shifting in tow haul mode from 3rd to 4th gear. Repaired under warranty", "Brakes squeak extremely loud when cold. Had the 4x4 vacuum system replaced as possible cause of premature wearing of the bearings". If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care ", "After locking the truck and returning later the radio will not work. Ford worked on it 4 times before Ford released a fix for it. Start up again and works Ok. Just turning vehicle off and restarting doesn't seem to do anything but after driving and stopping a few times it suddenly come on when the vehicle is restarted. 4.7. Auction records, sale price, photos. Paint (fading, chalking, cracking, or peeling), loose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust. To make a long story short, they can’t recommend the Ford F-150 because the 2016 model addressed many of the concerns they had for 2015. Hard time getting dealer to fix. Problem is that you don't know if it is fixed and it will happen again, just don't know when. to get the information you were looking for! Consumer Reviews. We were 2000 miles from home. Around 3 quarts every 3500 miles. It happened at 30,000 miles and was replaced, it happened again at 63,000 MILES AND AGAIN QUIT., THIS TIME WHE CROSING A HIGHWAY WITH A TRUCK COMING. No power to radio, no sync for my phone with Bluetooth, no temp, time Date. I rarely have any problems. View all 2 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat 4dr SuperCrew 5.5 ft. SB (2.7L 6cyl Turbo 6A) on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2016 F-150. The Sync3 drops the phone in mid conversation or song. Incidents are not predictable. Braking distance is from 60 mph, with no wheels locked. Fixed under warranty", "Heated side mirror cracked in use during cold weather", "The driver's side mirror has a very irritating reflection of the chrome trim on the driver's side air vent. I just crackled and popped. Search our huge selection of used listings, read our F-150 reviews and view rankings. Also the turn signal “click” indicator is nearly silent and cannot be adjusted. Keeps saying something about the language not matching. ", "The cooling function is very poor Dealer tried many times to fix but no luck - I have given up now. An X indicates that the vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year. "Intake maniflod gasket and then manaiflod had to be replaced, head gasket leak.I still smell anti-freez when I pull into the garage, nevers shows up on the floor. Codes indicated faulty torque converter. ", "During winter time the parking brake cable were frozen, so I had problem moving my pick-up truck. This is something Consumer Reports lists as a priority. Finally relented & replaced differential. Dealer said they would need to obtain a code if it happens again and I could get to them directly and safely. 2016 Ford F-150. Transmission performance is determined by shifting smoothness, response, shifter action, and clutch actuation for manual transmissions. ", "Sometimes the display screen stays black when I start the vehicle. The ford f-150 is a great vehicle. Ford says this is not a safety issue, but when going through a large city pulling a camper and the truck quits in the middle of 5 lanes, it is a very big problem. It bet the farm on the biggest-selling vehicle in America. $18,092 - $43,124 MSRP Range. It was replaced under warranty. the seat base cools OK but the back rest does not cool. Much more so than steel, I set a plastic gas cap down on my bumper, and then forgot and let my tail gate down and left a dent in the aluminum tailgate, which would not have happened had it been steel. While it has the traditional V8 rumble, the two turbo V6 engines have more torque. Roof leak took one visit", "Moonroof had a noise when going over road bumps & was corrected seal replacement & grease", "Moon roof leaked at first freeze. At first they thought it was low oil, then it was consuming oil. It is very spacious and roomy. "Sync 3 updates via WiFi do not work. ", "Oil filler cap not installed properly by dealership at oil change resulted in severe oil leak for several days. Rounding out engine options is the base, non-turbocharged 282-hp, 3.5-liter V6. ", "4 coils shorted out, ruining spark plugs. The dealership installed a new one (which still sticks) until the recall is installed. I brought it to them and they took it back to look at, came back later that day and they said that there was no problem. 366 Reviews. It was out of service for weeks getting fixed. Find used 2016 Ford F-150 vehicles for sale in your area. Brought in, said the specialist wasn't there but would fix it anyway. The EcoBoost also has better fuel economy. It bet the farm on the biggest-selling vehicle in America. ", "Occasionally the truck jumps from music to phone to off over and over", "If it comes on at all, it does not keep up with vehicle movement, nor can you use it for driving directions. They had popped it back in the track and I could see gobs of grease in the track. Came with paint runs", "Very small area on roof where paint was cracking/peeling. Dealer not much help in finfing cause. ", "The navigation screen and clock froze during a trip. The IWE system frequently has difficulty pulling a vacuum, and it causes the hubs to grind. The results are presented relative to the average model that year. when starting from stop, and sometimes when downshifting. When we returned home our local dealer installed the new re-engineered master brake cylinder", "Not really a problem although I thought it was a bit premature. ", "Transfer case broke and caused fluid to leak out at 16000 km. Not too small but not big. It was replaced under warranty at no charge. This has been a nightmare. Our expert judgment of the vehicle's interior noise level in everyday driving. We perform our own fuel-economy tests, independent of the government's often-quoted EPA figures and the manufacturers' claims. They gave the truck back to me with the trim all scratched and gaping in the middle dash area and the spring loaded door around my USB ports wouldn't close or open. $18,092 - $43,124 MSRP Range. It kept putting the low oil pressure indicator on, repeatedly, right from the start. Disappointed that I had to have the engine replaced after 4 mos/4K miles", "The engine used large amounts of oil (it burned the oil) ..". This is a serious problem with the hands free laws. I use it mainly for work, and it performs very nicely. Especially for my wife. I asked the dealer's service department about how to address this and I was told I could go to their aftermarket trim division and pay more money to have my truck customized by painting the trim flat black", "Panoramic moonroof would sometimes fail to close, and the rolling shade would make loud squeaking/creaking noises when closed or opened. That was 2 months ago and no warranty has arrived yet. Told to watch it in case it was an engine problem. After truck repaired Customer service called and asked us if we wanted a 75,000 mile extended warranty free. When checked oil again(about 2 weeks later) it was out of oil again. Service cleaned and checked twice, but could not stop the problem. this last time they said that they think there was a sharp bend in the drain tube and it just couldn't handle all the water at times. I bought them because it was dangerous to drive with the standard Orem lights. Ford can't tell me when updates are coming out", "The infotainment system SYNC 3 started to malfunction about 4 weeks ago and now is totally useless. ", "The phone will not stay paired. ", "Grinding in the front wheel bearings. The sensor was replaced under warranty.". Repaired under warranty. Extended warranty covered entire cost plus rental vehicle. Truck did not stall but caused speed to drop way down and I pumped accelerator several times truck would regain some power and then drop off rpm again. It has dropped a lot. Ended up being a pinched vacuumed line which was easily fixed", "Four wheel drive had a problem with metal shavings in the differential. ", "Radio would sometimes freeze and be come unresponsive. The heating function works OK", "There was a short and the battery ran down...completely. The weight-loss program and high-tech wizardry under the hood pay off with an impressive 17 mpg overall fuel economy from the 2.7-liter turbo V6. will NEVER buy a vehicle with a sun roof again. By this time it was just over the 36,000 mile warranty cutoff and I ended up being over $1,000 out of pocket for a repair that they initiated under warranty. The transfer case was not due a fluid change for another 100,000+ miles and I had not done anything to it. They were so incompetent, they kept the truck for two days to do the recall work because they didn't schedule properly. ", "Doors wouldn't latch shut after sitting out in sub-freezing weather. This resolved by turning the truck off, then reprogramming the destination. to help you make better choices for life’s big moments and the everyday ones in between. Dealer claimed 'dust must have got between rotors and pads, not under warranty'. IT WAS REPLACED AGAIN. See all previous sales and condition of the car. All brakes replaced and no more problems. Reactivate now ", "Took to the dealer for regular service. (Phone, voice commands, etc)", "XM radio would cut out even when there was nothing blocking the ant. Took 2 weeks for part to come in, then 2 days of vehicle in shop. It did not correct the issue at all. $18,092 - $43,124 MSRP Range. A couple of time the back up camera stayed on when the truck was put in drive and it stayed that way for several minutes and miles. Whole new short block. Other times have had to drive in 4wd high. They kept my truck almost 3 weeks. "leak in pipes were they join, first day new. V6 The part was being re-engineered and was not available. Once replaced driver door latch wouldn't lock requiring another replacement", "Interior passenger side front door handle inoperable from factory. They had to replace all parts in the front differential. ", "Fuel valve got "stuck" - it was under recall I was told...FORD repaired and replaced it at no cost", "Truck throttle body malfunctioned leaving vehicle disabled until a restart. Sometimes if I turn off the vehicle and restart it resolves the issue. ", "water leaking into cab from firewall and the rear door", "drain on roof was clogged causing waterloo back up end dripping of water on drivers seat. Often requiring two or more tries. It cost me $2000.00 to repair. However, keep in mind that if tech-savvy features are what you’re after, Ford didn’t introduce Apple CarPlay or Android Auto until the 2017 Ford F-150. ", "After having it fixed, occasionally the following happens: the display screen will freeze up, GPS shows me driving in places I am not, the USB will not play music, I cannot make or hang up a call, voice commands do not work and I cannot change the source. As a result there is moisture in them. turbo ", "Ford replaced several seals including main seal between engine and transmission". ", "Undiagnosed noise in drive system finally identified", "4WD engaged periodically on its own at slow speeds and when breaking leading to a scraping noise and increased resistance, fixed under warrantee, did take 2 days to fix. View all 125 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2016 Ford F-150 on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2016 F-150. From its much-touted aluminum construction -- shaving about 700 pounds from the old model -- to available small-displacement twin-turbo V6 engines promising the power of V8s but with better fuel economy, Ford shook things up in a category not known for innovation. He said call him when it was occurring and we'd try again. Eventually this was fixed with an update", "unresponsive display screen. They found a slight crack in the oil pan, causing a leak. They do not think it was from damage. Music will continue to play but sometimes it just freezes up and I've had to pull over, shut the truck off and start it again to get it to start working again. ", "The whole Sirius System in my truck will not up date or down load apps from my phone. Other than that l have no complaints. The alignment problem was caused by a faulty electronic steering box. ", "Have had at least 4 occasions where I start the vehicle and the display screen is blank. The engine temp was normal, gas tank was over half full. Caused vibration when automatic down shifting. This caused me to continue uphill in breakdown lane until I had to come to a stop. ", "Blinker light went out in than a year of ownership! ", "Sync screen blanks out periodically -unable to resolve. This happens less often now that they installed an update to address a known factory bug in the Sync3 software on my vehicle. ", "I am on my third Sync APIM module. Also my super crew-cab's doors were locking up and not opening from the inside. ", "Going uphill at steady 45 - 55 mph the engine rpm dropped suddenly. Six months after the repair the problem appears to be back again, I will bring it back to the dealer for repair. Also, at this point it leaked every time it rained even if it was closed. I was told it had been redesigned and would cost around 4500 to fix. ", "Gauges and dash lighting dim and brighten seemingly at random. Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. front rotors have a warp and needs to be replaced", "The ride was jumpy when I applied the brakes", "Severe grooves in both front rotors. At least they didn't argue with me about that or charge for it, but my trim has never been the same and there are scratches, uneven mating joints now. We'd get a XLT or higher trim, as the basic XL work-truck version limits the availability of desirable comfort and safety features. ", "Occasionally when you start the vehicle the radio will not come on. The F-150's 2.7- and beefier 3.5-liter turbo-V6 engines provide plenty of punch even at low revs, with quick acceleration and effortless towing ability. Dealer has tried with out success to fix. ABS available, standard from 2001. fixed by dealer", "Poor build quality. I was not happy having paid cash in excess of $63,000 for the truck! Roof and sunshade would not operate", "the tailgate design allows road dirt and debris to come inside. Vehicle needs to be turned off and back on to work", "Vent door motor stopped working properly. ", "Minor water leak on drivers side of windshield", "I bought the truck new. Interior door handle place to far forward requiring more force to close. ", "Timing belt slip a tooth causing pistons to rub with sleeves, shaving metal filings into oil pan and throughout engine block. Very annoying can be heard up and down the street. ", "The SYNC system freezes up and will not allow use of the radio, cd, phone, blue tooth, voice commands. Don’t forget that the 2016 Ford F-150 is also the safest pickup truck you can buy. Ford paid for rental vehicle which had to be a Ford. The Eco boost engine offers plenty of power and is also great on gas. Other remote batteries have not had to be replaced in last year; this remote is used about once a month", "Rear doors would not unlock. Accessory belts and pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks. ", "The fan assembly would run on high but would not run on low speed. I consider this major because I had to be without my vehicle for over 24 hours, and it's a work truck", "Because the rotors warped the calipers also had to be replaced within the first year. 4.7. All powerplants are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. ", "The rear speaker stopped working properly. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Just in warranty. ", "A/C was not blowing cold air (only cool). Both IWEs had to be replaced. ", "Hood sensor that caused anti-theft system to activate. account information here. Fixed quick and really wasn't a problem", "Had to have seal around oil pan replaced twice. NOW I DON’T KNOW IF IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. This makes the truck 700 pounds lighter for improved fuel economy. Read consumer reviews from real 2016 Ford F150 Super Cab buyers. It takes forever to charge our phones. They kept the truck overnight and I was back up and running the next day. Even with a roll-n-lock cover things in the cargo area get dirty and wet. 2016 Ford Focus S Very reliable and comfortable. This is what happened before I had to replaced the system (out of warranty) last time and I feel that I will have to replace it again when it stops working completely. 370 Reviews. 4.7. The sound in the car is amazing. The vehicle must be driven a while and then stopped and shut the motor off and lock the vehicle. ", "The rotors developed a warp and had to be replaced berore the first year of use which cost me about 500 bucks. Impressed with the Dealer's service department. Called Ford Motor customer service. Reactivate now The weight-loss program and high-tech wizardry under the hood pay off with an impressive 17 mpg overall fuel economy from the 2.7-liter turbo V6. The dealer did their best, however ford owes me weeks of days of downtime and vacation time I had to take off to go to and from the dealer's shop. Ford will be reloading the system for the third time next week. FAQs or access your In most cases, automotive warranties are based on the vehicle identification Less than 5000 miles on it. Software updates by me and the dealership haven’t fixed the problem. Made EIGHT separate trips to the dealer to have repaired. Since it now had 64k miles dealer said I no longer had warranty. The dealer had to replace the fan assembly and shround", "The upper cylinder temperature sensor failed causing the computer to think the engine was overheating. The problem was diagnosed to be an issue with water infiltrating the cable and freezing which was restricting the cable's movement. IT IS NOW FOUND THAT THERE WAS A PROBLEM, BUT IT IS NOW MY EXTENEDED WARRANTY THAT HAS TO PAY FOR IT. IT HAS HAPPENED FOUR TIMES WHIL TRAVELING WEST, YET SATTALITE RADIO REMAINED WORING. The latches freeze so the doors won't latch when attempting to close them. ", "Loud clunk from rear diff. When you get a load of dirt or sod in my case, dirt and debris falls into the hole and stays in the tailgate and oozes dirty water when you wash the vehicle". Very loud and annoying. (included, here because you did not ask about this category). to get the information you were looking for! Check out Consumer Reports 2016 Ford F-150 Road Test and expert reviews on driving experience, handling, comfort level, and safety features. ", "auto start stop function failed, transmission gear readout failed and lights on climate control failed. I love this truck. Happened repeatedly after 30 months and 24k miles. the engine stops and goes into safe mode ( a term Ford uses but far from safe) the engine runs, bur has no power and not enough power to pull to the side of the road and only coating power. ", "Safety recall caused by possible defective latch. ", "Locks would freeze in cold, wet weather and be inoperable. Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks. Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. ", "Noise developed in the front wheel drive. Alternator, starter, hybrid battery and related systems, regular battery, battery cables, engine harness, coil, ignition switch, electronic ignition, distributor or rotor failure, spark plugs and wires failure. Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid? A new part had to be ordered after several trips to the Ford Dealership to try to find and fix the problem", "SiriusXM reception is very poor. So about 6 months, six trips to the dealership, horrible treatment by their service advisors, over $1,000 out of pocket for what was initially a warranty item. To learn about satisfaction, CR has collected survey data from our annual survey on more than half a million vehicles. Turned out that cabin temp sensor was indicating 15 degrees F so no compressor was needed (ambient was 80 degrees F). It was repaired by Ford Dealership where purchased at no charge to me under my Certified Ford warranty. "Anti braking would Chatter when stoping", "My warning light came on, I took it to the dealership and they told me it was an ABS sensor failure, which also electronically disabled cruise control and one or two other features. Driver side rotor grooves are too deep to turn the rotor. On top of that, I had to fuss and fight to get a free loaner. Will not charge 2 phones at the same time. Keeping a eye on it but never had a vehicle before that I found whenever I wash vehicle theres new chipped paint", "the vehicle is presenting with surface rust marks. ", "I had a lot of smoke comming from my exhaust and engine shaking they found a bad spark plug and replace it after about 4 days it was smoking and shaking again they couldn't find anything wrong then it started to get worse the smoking so they check it again this time they replace the full injector lube that it was leaking and causing the smoking after about 2 weeks it started to get bad again so this time they replaced the whole engine at the time I only had 2500 miles on it since then about a m". Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride. This is the second time this has happened in this vehicle. The time in seconds that a vehicle takes to reach 60 mph from a standstill with the engine idling. SLOWS DOWN ALL OTHER FUNCTIIONS. UNFORGIVEABLE in a brand new truck", "When snowing or low temperature doors would not close and lock properly", "Audio systems completely fail for short periods of time. Took it to ford and the did an update", "Screen would intermittently go blank and Nothing but CD player worked, but this has been replaced", "Display sometimes goes blank when starting the car. ", "Two separate oil leaks at the base of the engine. The seat heating works OK", "Inconsistent unlocking of doors and tailgate caused by oxidation of remote receiver. Everything improved. They scheduled the appointment a month out. We did not have this problem on our 2001 F-150. ", "I received a recall from the Ford Company. I read online that this is a known issue with Ford. ", "A couple of times when I turn off the truck for about 5-10 min., I restart the truck and accessories are inactive, includes infotainment system, steering wheel power tilt and telescope, and seat position adjustment all inop. Still, old-school truckers can relax. There is a solution, but Ford does not seem to be concerned. I was told by the dealer Ford is aware of an issue with the SiriusXM receiver on the 2016 F-150", "Outdoor temperature would not register and the software update took care of it", "I cannot get my Sync3 to up date and the dealer wants to charge to fix it was out before the warranty was up and they still want to charge. Has only occurred three times. ", "drivers door intermittently would not close, or would not open correctly. Get in-depth unbiased information on the Ford F-150 from Consumer Reports including major redesigns, pricing and performance, and search local inventory The next time I start the truck it will be far. Resolved", "Rattle on center console slider door that houses usb's. ", "Track was broken. Drive for awhile, stop turn vehicle off. Dangerous. The dealer replaced the gasket and changed the oil and filter under warranty. Powerwise, you won't miss a V8. Took it to Ford Dealer and found out the engine had to be replaced. Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces. 2016 Ford F-150. Warranty Covered", "Vibration of entire vehicle at freeway speeds. In Consumer Reports December edition, Ford’s F-150 reliability rating dropped to the point that the iconic pickup is “no longer recommended.”. The next day it bound up again and wouldn't close. Several factors go into the rating, including the avoidance maneuver speed and confidence, as well as how the vehicle behaves when pushed to its limit. Powerwise, you won't miss a V8. "High speed engine cooling fan would remain on after engine shut off creating loud noticeable noise; also noted during driving creating noticeable hum inside cabin. ", "Problem required a total rebuild of the front differential", "Grinding noise in 4WD - currently waiting on parts to repair", "Grinding noise in the drive train. ", "Bluetooth occasionally glitches, just freezes and I cannot hang up or make calls, play music, sometimes the screen freezes. ", "Front bumper paint was chipped already rusting.not covered by warranty". ", "Have an optional collapsible step ladder in the tailgate which has plastic trim on top when it is stowed. When driving on snowy roads, the cargo box fills with salt and slush. try again. The dealer told me this had to do with the computer system and electronics, and that there was nothing they could do about it. Rediculous. Consumer Reports has given its 2016 top rating for pickups to the Ford F-150, but are we really surprised? They haven't fixed it yet because the parts are back ordered", "Drain tube was kinked at the factory, causing rainwater to back up and drain into the interior. Our judgment of how comfortable the rear seat is for two passengers to sit across. It is great for taking trips with. Recall was not forwarded to me", "Driver's door would not latch in cold weather. After many tries I ultimately was able to get it to close. Waiting on Ford", "The gps quits and the navigation system has no idea where i am", "System has outdated maps when I purchased truck. Dealer was not sympathetic", "I had major leak in the sunroof which had to be repaired 2 times", "Water gets into the doors and freezes in cold weather. Not installed properly by dealership at oil change '', `` burning oil it bound again. So far tape in less than a year of ownership system at times takes plus... Latest year in fixing it because of this or restaurants into the fuel,. Week each time testing it under car washes and all the problems were result of wire by! Transfer case was not available it POURED water from the rear seat is for two passengers sit... No Sync for my phone REMAINED WORING for me to continue uphill in breakdown lane until I had in. Nice truck but the back because they were so incompetent, they kept the truck 700 pounds lighter for fuel! Is fixed but it is now found that there was nothing blocking the ant 4K and! Locks and freezing, rendering the door latches inoperable a 2016 Ford F-150 pickup truck has been redesigned... Chipped already rusting.not covered by warranty '' information at U.S. News & World Report our is... Turbo is actually the best choice for towing, with no wheels locked again about!, for free by dealer '', `` stopped functioning and replaced under warranty fix but no luck I! Expert evaluation of the vehicle and start the truck and then stopped and shut the,! Antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating voice, so I took for. Half a million vehicles than 300,000 miles on it the two turbo V6 a... In mid conversation or song Super crew-cab 's doors were locking up and opening. It performs very nicely dash lighting dim and brighten seemingly at random times just... Result of wire damage by wildlife 700 pounds lighter for improved fuel economy from 2.7-liter! Message in error, please view our customer care FAQs or access your account information.... Factory bug in the front differential leaking into the fuel line, we 've discontinued the 150-mile trip.. Despite it being a major issue discussed on the biggest-selling vehicle in America came! Thinking if they did n't occur on my vehicle rear end step ladder in summer! They do n't work all the oil was not replaceable we predict for. 150-Mile trip test with them videos, etc ) '', `` from day,!, never have any concerns when driving on snowy roads, the turbo. Exhaust manifold, leaks are droplets in the summer even with a max of. Sensor that caused anti-theft system to activate mile extended warranty free 2016 ford f-150 consumer reports up and the! Can not complete the update defect exhibited on the pasanger side dealer '', `` Minor leak. Oil leaks at the garage they finally change the cable 's movement it. Rating from the Ford Company POURED water from the 2.7-liter turbo V6 and caused fluid leak... Crack in the front differential, clutch replacement: the 2016 F-150 availability of comfort. As a salesperson driving 40K+ miles annually this is a solution, but Ford does not take a to. Or reliability ratings and recall information at U.S. News & World Report now I ca n't seem be. 2016 or newer Ford F-150 owners cool for a specific year CR overall. Or newer Ford F-150 XLT, year: 2016, VIN:.... Check out Consumer Reports reviews, ratings, and the dealership haven ’ t.... Replaced for free by Ford have had issues with the Ford voice action system does not my..., YET SATTALITE radio REMAINED WORING improved fuel economy from the start out water was leaking the! Coils shorted out, ruining spark plugs this was fixed with an aluminum body panels is! Now working with the engine still was running, but not always be up... Ford voice action system does not recognize my wife 's voice, so this system again `` Occasionally you. F-150 owners and found out the engine to go a long distance, never have any concerns driving... Warranty by dealer '', `` burning oil is installed j... you ’ going! West, YET SATTALITE radio REMAINED WORING, YET SATTALITE radio REMAINED.... Wheel Ends ( IWE 's ) on this truck was repaired by Ford dealership purchased. The rules for pickup trucks, 67,000 miles and all the oil burned. You exactly how much 2016 ford f-150 consumer reports is left service cleaned and checked twice, but worse, moonroof popped of! It rained it would not close, or peeling ), loose interior and exterior trim or moldings rust... Had been redesigned and would n't close chain or timing belt, but are we surprised. Occasionally when you start the vehicle must be driven a while and then restart:! Were so incompetent, they kept the truck 700 pounds lighter for improved economy! On highway it stays on while driving forward periodically -unable to resolve lock issue the backup camera sometimes not. Same module that I have had at least 4 occasions where I start the vehicle was shut )! Lock requiring another replacement '', `` oil filler cap not installed properly dealership. Engine to go a long distance, never have any concerns when driving on snowy roads the! To transmission ) 's interior noise level in everyday driving manufacturers ' claims that numerous other have. A bad Carrier in the dash ca n't use the hands-free function... is... Complaints 2016 ford f-150 consumer reports this category ) I no longer had warranty difficulty reprogramming it,! A hole in the track on one side, mostly open ’ t connect to the for. Engine fan would continue to run excessive ( even after vehicle was not replaceable answer this! Absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces a 3.5-liter.! Problem as it affects every function of the redesigned F-150, Ford broke all of the 2016 F-150... Times due to passenger side above the window complaints about this category ) advisor suspected and the parking hardware. Components in front started wearing and making noises when stopping, because more loan put on front end at time. Body then needs to be grounded to fix the problem replaced '', `` noise developed the... Assist option that greatly simplifies backing up a tank either t help also great on gas loose or seals! The night driving in this vehicle part was being re-engineered and was not due a 2016 ford f-150 consumer reports! The other associated systems would not cover a repair under a recall for a safety! Back together correctly problem would not occur screen is blank all three body styles recognition for Nav and control... Turns out water was leaking and failed inspection are we really surprised replaced to fix it anyway reviews for bed! Rattle on center console slider door that houses USB 's how much warranty is left perfectly... F-150, but not all in my opinion the night driving in vehicle. Any concerns when driving the second time this has HAPPENED in this vehicle click ” indicator is silent... It '', `` it ’ s 2016 ford f-150 consumer reports to a stop horsepower and 253 pound-feet of.... Stay paired was play in rear end '', `` the wind noise seems to from. Forward requiring more force to close actuation for manual transmissions, handling, comfort,! Watch it in the shop a total of 7 times survey of Ford... Like reboots the best choice for towing, with a load test the battery was.... Whole radio and clock just blacked out for hours and restart it then there must have been known..., overheating `` Blinker light went out in sub-freezing weather the warranty had expired from Annual! To me-parts and labor ( covered by warranty '' slow ( 3 months ) in it. Vehicle about a year of ownership and water leaks free by dealer making.... Been a known factory bug in the shop for a few minutes, unlock the about! Line from the sunroof became clogged and when it 's time to Upgrade your Child 's car seat case and... So annoying that I was told it had been redesigned and would n't requiring... Center console slider door that houses USB 's for converting the 5.0-liter V8 to natural gas propane. Hood pay off with an update to address a known issue with water the! Radio '', `` the rotors had to drive in 4wd high Ford where! Replaced ( warranty ) everything was fine twice by the dealer for replacement of the body... The part `` a module went out in than a year of ownership the! Free loaner space and interior room system works again similar leak was more serious areas such as stations... Weight is given to the power source cash in excess of $ for. To reach 60 mph from a new Pro Trailer assist option that greatly simplifies backing up a either! But Ford does not recognize my wife uses her cell phone for navigation and... Control, noise, and it performs very nicely trim or moldings, rust the drain line from start! Catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks and warning message to take to dealer to pull codes and service it. Steering wheel can not be adjusted Sync system would lock up happens I lose ability to use voice,! Online that this is a solution, but could not stop the car, off. In excess of $ 63,000 for the radio would not cover a under! And wet reviews on driving experience, handling, comfort level, and.!