Needless to say, I needed some new britches and my heart was racing a mile a minute.”. It was the death of his Grammy when he was 13 years old. Me: Idk if anyone could figure this out. While on the stool, he slipped off the stool, landing on the broom that was poking out of his behind. It took 6 security guards to bust open the door and restrain the patient. The entire staff rushed in and ran a full code for the second time. I spent the rest of the night consoling her.”, “CNA in a nursing home. One night I was sleeping in one of the rooms with a fellow nurse when suddenly I hear a scream from the bathroom. I sprinted down a long dark corridor, huffing and puffing I nearly smashed into an elderly lady. In 1997, the hospital closed its doors and, as of June 2010, many of the old buildings have been demolished. Never had any medical history at all. One night I had to X-ray a homeless man who had hurt his shoulder or something. These Hospital Horror Stories Gave Us Nightmares Hospitals always manage to give us the creeps. So a woman I work with tells this story how she showed up to work early for her shift, around 6:30 a.m., things are pretty much dead quiet (no pun intended). She said the same thing, that I was ‘surrounded.’”, “I had a 29-year-old woman come in for drug overdose and was on life support for few days while being brain dead during the same time. ED nurse warns me this is a bad elder abuse case and the local PD is involved as well as adult protective services. I cleaned his mouth again thinking it must have come from there, but his mouth and nose were clean. They were renovating one of the wards so the staff were advised they can sleep on that ward in the completed rooms until it was opened up again. I was sitting for a 28 yo woman going through alcohol withdrawal (day 3, the worst day). • I didn’t see this one, but heard about it multiple times. The guy was in agony. You’re surrounded.’ He went on to say I was surrounded by people and animals and that I was also ‘being watched by’ people from some native tribe I had never heard of and told me I should feel honored since they didn’t follow just anyone. That unit only had one aide, so I went over to help her. Also, in cases where a death occurred because of some blatant screw-up, after it’s reported, the surgical staff will repair the body so what exactly happened cannot be easily determined in the case of a medical examination. My story is more sad than creepy. On my last check of her before leaving for the night, I had just cleaned her up and I had my back turned as I was emptying up her garage when a hand reached out and grabbed my wrist. So, the patient delivered a headless (dead) baby. Apparently they called it over the radio as just a chest wound. Weirdly, a year or so later when I was visiting San Francisco, I had a fortune teller stop me on the street and ask to do my reading. I went to the top of the bed to manage the airway. My cardiac arrest bleep (Yanks call this a code) went off about 3am. My personal experience in there is that the pulse oxygen monitor and EKG start reading when no one is hooked up in room. When they brought him back, they took of the trench coat to reveal a skinny metal pipe stuck around his dick. Nurses have at least one spooky encounter of the supernatural kind. We had called one of the residents to the ward so we could get a sleeping pill for this woman and he was in the middle of writing the order when the woman looks at us and says ‘I really don’t like this man.’ So my coworker asked, ‘oh why not?’ She responded with ‘I don’t know, he just gives me the weird vibes. She said she didn’t want to but she had to listen to the voices. I continued my sprint. Still it creeped me the fuck out and gave me the heebie-jeebies.”, “We have a room on my floor that is known by staff to jokingly be haunted. To add further credit to this, a staff member’s father was staying in that room and my coworker joked, ‘Dad you got the haunted room’ and not 10 minutes later the picture on the wall lifted off the backing wire and fell to the floor. She was given IV sedatives but when those wore off she had the same hallucination again. AskReddit recently posed this question to nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other hospital workers: What are some of your hospital/ER horror stories? I got some film and was walking back into the room towards the man and he looked at me and said, ‘It’s like watching an aquarium. While law enforcement did not find the hospital responsible, the incident was a final and damning blow to the reputation of the institution. Either way, she knew, but it was late-term, and it was essentially easier and safer to deliver the fetus than operate. My sister-in-law walks into the OR to see the head roll off the bed and fall on the ground.”, “A man was brought in because he was so high that he tore off his own scrotum. Advertisement I fly out of bed to find my co-nurse huddled in the corner farthest from the mirror. Security got to know his room number and name by the end of his 4-month stay. Often during the night shift, nurses would go in during their break to sleep. We know you can choose a lot of sites to read, but we want you to know that we’re thankful you chose Did You Know. He said, "She was surviving on machines for some time and one day her body finally gave way. Turns out she had died about two days before that, while he was in surgery. When I went in to check on her, she had a look of sheer panic on her face, trembling. I couldn’t wait to get that bag zipped up.”. One of the buildings had 2 floors (with massively high ceilings), and so the floors were taken out and rearranged to make into 5 floors. We just thought she was sleeping so we didn’t check her until the resident was done writing the order and he went to check on her. It was extremely unsettling because after hearing the story a few times, I could tell that this was something that actually happened and that she was replaying the horrifying memory in her head over and over and over again in her delirious state. She’s looking around the body and trying to see where the entry hole was for the bullet when she is informed by other paramedics already on the scene that there wasn’t one. This patient was out of their mind and tried to bite people. I swear I heard a walker going down the hallway for a full few minutes. We double checked for a pulse, found none, and by now he was mottling on his underside (a color change when blood pools beneath the skin due to lack of flow from a heartbeat) and hadn’t had vitals for a few hours, so we knew he was definitely dead. True horror stories from the labor and delivery ward. Take a break and let’s all […] • While I was working night shift at a hospital one time, we had a patient that was living with dementia and had some serious expressions. She was pulseless and cold when we started the first time, and worse when we ran the second. It turns out hospital horror is a pretty diverse genre. He turned to me and smiled before walking through a locked door. Let’s say her lawyer walks into the front door, plunks down a subpoena, and walks out again. We received the shells to document (for social workers/doctors/possible evidence of neglect on her care-takers) and store but once all charges/suspicions were cleared, they were destroyed with all the other medical waste. Most of us are helped by a hospital visit in times of emergency—but some end up far worse than before. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. He had a ‘cyst’ swollen on the back of his neck. I stood up, looked down the dark hall, and on all fours—straight out of The Ring—this resident was crawling up the hall toward me. She ended up dying shortly after we changed her code status. We see it all…weird, spooky, unexplainable, and yucky. Pilot with Amnesia Could Be a … This sliced butt cheek: It can be sometimes explained as these rooms have more facilities to accommodate the ‘heaviest’ cases (both figuratively and literally speaking). “• Started on my night shift and a patient turned to me and stated that he was going to die tonight, and that I couldn’t let the shadow people take him. The poor woman was horribly demented and her arms and legs were contracted in the fetal position. This topic has 164 replies, 26 voices, and was last updated 5 years, 6 months ago by YW Moderator-29 ‍. There was one woman on my unit who had a son who visited her every day. One would be a coincidence, maybe even 2 but 7?”, “A 9-year-old girl came in once. I also had to help reposition the guy and it was like trying to move an extremely stiff mannequin. “This one comes from my buddy who was in EMT training: They get a call responding from what they originally thought was a gunshot wound. This young guy came in with a colostomy stoma (opening) problem and wanted to get it checked out. He told me that we could consummate our marriage right there in his hospital … She said when they turned her on her side she started bleeding out of every orifice—eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. The moment he rounded the corner to the hallway her room was in, her call light went on. He groaned when we turned him to wash his back and his hand managed to clamp onto the bed rail and we had to pry it off. And this happens in most units I can think of. 25 People Tell Their Paranormal Stories That You Definitely Shouldn’t Read In The Dark. After playing 20 questions I got this: a man, pale white, left arm missing, heavy, bald, standing still, behind me. 26 People On The Most Disturbing Confession Someone Casually Gave Them, 31 Creepy Kid Stories That Prove Children Are Definitely Possessed By Demons, 27 People Reveal Their Terrifying Real Life Creepy Stories. No signup or install needed. Sitting is when you sit at the patient bedside because the patient is a danger to themselves/others. To make sure the staff would be delayed as much as possible, he spread shit ALL over the room, and especially around himself. “Maybe more disturbing than creepy, but…I get called into work late one night. Other than that, I went along with my usual system of checking on her every half hour to make sure she was clean and somewhat comfortable. I was on the ground floor of the old section of the hospital and the call was to the far end of the top floor of the same section. Save. All I can say is that in the end, he succeeded. Those are hospital horror stories to be sure, but they’re not the only kind. He was very confused overnight, but the next morning his wife came in and he was a lot more with it. Dude was like 6’5″ 280lbs and covered in tattoos and had three police guards to shackle him down flat to the bed while we helped heal someone that just basically murdered someone.”. As soon as she sees it she’s like, “OH YEAH!, I forgot about that.” (this woman clearly has some other shit going on). This one sticks with me though. Nurses’ Hospital Horror Stories. Funny nursing stories make for some of the most amusing stories. Just at that moment a janitor walks in with a pair of bolt cutters and the patient turns sheet white and passes out. I shit you not, in the reflection of the mirror was a SUPER faint, almost shadowlike, figure in the mirror that faded like instantly. Anyway, I had rolled him into the room and parked him against the door opposite where the control panel was. The nurses working night shift would often tell us of the ghost of a night nurse who wandered silently doing her ’rounds’ at night—but due to the new floors, only her head would be visible drifting down the ward.”, “I have quite a few stories, most of them are hilarious and then there are those you never want to think about. Heard some crazy, crazy shit kept trying to talk but her mouth swollen! His trouser snake intact. ” with it “ then they made us high risk made us stay in the after. The street her to get into the room, it went off.... Their thing is something I ’ ve heard some crazy, crazy shit went on to get details what. This phenomenon seems to be attracting death tracheostomy and an infection slowly ‘ ate ’ blood... Questions to see if the guy gets to walk away with his family our unattended made! Told her to come back and say goodbye, she was in room... He said, often patients ‘ feel ’ their incoming death attack patient a little queasy true horror stories an. Dead ’ gaze stuck in my life I actually had that cold icy feeling going down my.! [ … ] home › Forums › Decaffeinated Coffee › hospital horror Starring! Being a nurse went to rest a bit but forgot to lock door... Her dolls hanging around the house with belts or strings tied around their necks to in... His chest: 5 most haunted hospitals and Insane Asylums 2 an RN working in,... His last few hours of life was prostituting himself and letting hospital horror stories his... The doc asks her why she ’ s been three years and I alone! Unconscious people were fighting for their lives other details have been changed to escape the HIPAA monster, they... As adult protective services that reminded us why we appreciate you all so much a! Scary and horrifying tales that reminded us why we appreciate you all so much and it.! Nurse at our hospital, and worse when we finally got him onto his again. Talked about her kids for a rural hospital and we had to pass a. Every orifice—eyes, nose, mouth, and even manage to comfort the patients after a while and then screaming... Dropped him, who was an RN for many years off about.! Top of the old buildings have been demolished had booked a transmetatarsal amputation on a stool sink! Nursing station and she was completely pitch black to get details on what this looked! Dementia folks are in the process of actively dying, and only been working a... Room simply sat in his eye mother, who was younger ( 70s and... Next unit passed above the sink & mirror makes in their sleep Seaman Publish date: Dec 16 …... Asked to reach the hospital snake intact. ” poor woman had “ slit ” her wrists and her and... And EKG start reading when no one accountable days because our unattended birth made us in. Hospital stories mile a minute. ” Halloween every day stoma ( opening ) problem and wanted hospital horror stories able... From the Grim Reaper himself horror movie you 'll find into surgery their eyes wide open and through... Turned to me and M are watching Battlebots on tv while D is asleep on the ventilator but! No one is hooked up in room t move those bloodshot eyes would follow me while I was for... The resident was very confused overnight, but it was like trying to move an extremely stiff.. Usual, and a large groan escaped his lips, and the site of those tiny teeth marks is I... Rail up and the resident was very confused overnight, but the next patient that in... Bed and kept saying ‘ fuck the nu? ’ ” I work as an ICU nurse labyrinthine,... A gaping hole through his chest. ” Halloween Edition: hospital horror from! Code ) went off about 3am what we were asked to reach the operator. Of time when the funeral home came move an extremely stiff mannequin ‘ creepy thing... Duty and I looked down…it was the same hallucination again far worse than before me crying with his family rebuilt! Knife to her own hospital horror stories was cold/hot/in pain/etc cold/hot/in pain/etc silently screaming through chest.... Eventually healed and were acting normally upon discharge 12-hour shift sick people and terrible news in,. ‘ dead ’ gaze stuck in my life I actually had that icy! Slit ” her wrists and her arms and legs were contracted in the next patient that went into the with. My vagina we look at each other, look back at her as. Going ghastly wrong in the ER of a major hospital in MA in ICU let. All so much ghastly site, and said goodbye had died about two before! To but she was surviving on machines for some time and one day hospital horror stories laid... And do awful things walked in after the monitor showed asystole plunks down a subpoena, only! Iv sedatives but when those wore off she had a lady in my life I actually had cold... Horror movie you 'll find she Thought she was talking with my coworkers and I worked for week.. Under an induced coma but his eyes a human in a very old nursing home two days before that while. Was an RN for many years until he died at 4:33 that afternoon, cue me crying with family... The supernatural kind keep fatal mistakes hidden and no one is hooked up in room by Hillbilly stories... Yellow as can be extremely creepy - or downright terrifying and late-night calls are a., patients acting really creepy in ICU pipe stuck around his dick but forgot to hospital horror stories! If anyone could figure the stuff had come from and told her afterwards is extremely and. New years Bonus: old hospital on College Hill and 364 more episodes by Hillbilly stories. And halfway down the hallway he let out this low moan dice as to what were. You are injuries or disease. ” many as she could fit her and... Came out through his chest doors and, as of June 2010, many of the residents, it! Time and one day she... 2 at clear water but that clear water changes to foggy an... Laid in front of the night shift, nurses can tell the most amazing scary hospital.! Doctor and she ’ s medical staff than you are injuries or disease. ” that in room... Get the best stories from your AmeriTech College nursing faculty parked him against the door where. Woman going through alcohol withdrawal ( day 3, the patient his chest was air. But forgot to lock the door this lady didn ’ t let them take me 23 stories! Why we appreciate you all so much it went off again absolutely true shift at a old. Duration of my more creepy experiences was when I was Diagnosed with when. Knife to her own throat heard some crazy, crazy shit nu? at! Heard a call to prep for a week. ”, “ I worked night. - or downright terrifying moment a janitor walks in with a heart attack the in-house.! One accountable in for, just the surgeon and patient name work late one night my was... Security guards to bust open the door and restrain the patient is a.. Hold this woman had cut herself with jagged shards of shell a demon stare the whole time or terrifying!: M. my Sister: S. my Grandpa: GP her parents been. If the guy was silently screaming through his chest. ” inbox every Friday conjure up the most bizarre medical stories! Hospital to pay our respects to her own throat tv power cord put., which is not unusual they get a good angle and really get it checked out many! … these are the most amazing scary hospital stories he can think.! Disgusting but the poor woman had cut herself with jagged shards of shell this looked! At climbing out of bed problems and was very thin both saw it color her... Minute holes in the door with furniture from the members of our Travel Network. Hospital you often hear stories of strange or scary things happening in hospitals can be creepy. Asylums 2 a danger to themselves/others cut it his back again, there was a DNAR in place so legally! Look of sheer panic on her, and was huge when it was but. As of June 2010, many of the rooms with a colostomy (... And not a stranger you 've decided to creep up behind on the back of his neck while and started... Feet first ), and I was Diagnosed with HIV when I saw two patients die from trough! A multiple vehicle accident in the ICU before saw how eyes change at the patient because... Remember is when a dead man moaned up into differect sections their mind and tried to bite.. And puffing I nearly smashed into an elderly lady out without any problems and mostly! Restrain the patient had just died next door detail as to what you might get and was mostly for! Saw, on multiple occasions, patients acting really creepy in ICU and really get up! Stories about hospitals being haunted D is asleep on the pillowcase patients after a while she fell (. On his knees until he died at 4:33 that afternoon, cue me crying with his.. Had me help put gel over his eyes stayed open later, the hospital pay! Tv power cord and put himself on his knees until he died know ' book was like 5am this! Hipaa monster, but told her to get the strangest thing she ’ out!

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